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Choosing the Perfect Lux Office Chair

Working in a company usually involves a lot of time glued to your lux office chair and working. Sitting however has many health complications as it adds stress to the spinal structure and its integrity, meaning the longer you work, the more uncomfortable you will become. That is why you need to invest in a lux office chair for your body’s health and working environment.

1. Seat Height

The height of a seat needs to be easily adjustable. As with many lux office chairs, a seat’s height is easily adjusted through the lever on the right side. Most importantly, a lux office chair’s height should range between 40 – 55 centimeters off the ground. You must have your feet flat on the floor and have your arms at an even height with the desk

2. Seat Material

Padding. A lux office chair needs to have adequate padding material on the back and where you sit to allow for you to comfortably work and sit for extended periods of time. Another thing to watch out for is having a fabric that allows your skin to breathe is highly recommended than a harder sealed surface. Some office chairs may promise you premium leather seating, but that leather might work against you after a longer period.

3. Arm Rest and Back Rest

Lux office chairs should come equipped with armrests. Armrests allow an individual to rest comfortably and allow the shoulder to relax. Note that if you are typing with your forearm resting on the armrest, it is extremely bad for you. By having your forearms raised you utilize the muscles in the shoulder rather than simply relying on the forearm muscles. Thus, allowing you to work longer without fatiguing.

Another thing to mention is the backrest of a lux office chair. A backrest needs to be able to support the natural curve of your spine and should have an adjustable piece to help maintain that curve for a longer period.

4. Lumbar Support

Your lumbar spine is the lower back and naturally curves inwards. Sitting for a long period of time on a lux office chair without adequate lumbar support can lead to slouching which flattens that natural curve and lumbar stability. With a more flattened lumbar curve, the lower spine is significantly strained and can lead to lower back pain and fatigue.

5. Swivels

A lux office chair needs to have the ability to rotate around to allow the user the convention of moving around conveniently without having to strain their bodies to do so.


At Linear Office Furniture, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers ergonomic lux office chairs able to relieve stiffness, and discomfort and keep you working for those 8 or more hours in the office. Looking for a high-quality, durable and comfortable ergonomically lux office chair, check out our selection of lux office chairs today!

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